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One Powerful Platform + Partnership in Payroll, Benefits and HR Guidance


What's A PEO?

Hint: It stands for Professional Employer Organization

We love that question! As a PEO, we'll partner with your company through a unique "co-employment" relationship that allows you more time to run your business while we handle your payroll, benefits and other HR-related tasks. We make it easier for YOU to offer exceptional care to your employees!



This is payroll and tax administration with precision. We'll ensure your payroll taxes are deposited and filed accurately — all in a timely manner.



Give your people access to a great benefits plan. We'll handle the onboarding, communication and manage the insurance vendor relationships.



We’ll help you build best-in-industry human resource practices and policies. Plus, we'll keep you compliant and in touch with your company’s culture.

Our Trusted Providers

Ready to make things easier for you and your company? Let's work together!

Why High Road PEO?

Partnering with High Road PEO adds value to your business and greater benefits for your people

   Greater Employee Satisfaction

You’ll improve your ability to attract, motivate and retain your employees. Because they feel better taken care of you'll experience less turnover. 

   Lower HR Expenses

Partnering with High Road has a positive impact on your bottom line.  Most companies experience a significant savings in HR personnel costs and health benefit costs.

   More Time & Energy

When you let High Road take care of your HR needs,  you'll be able to focus more on your core business. This extra time helps you to be more innovative and competitive.

   Better Technology

High Road PEO utilizes the latest technology to streamline your payroll processing,  benefits administration, and a whole lot more. Your team has 24/7 access to time management tools, reporting and analytics. All with enhanced security that’s the best in the business.