We’ve seen firsthand how easily HR can go from meaning “human resources'' to HRC (herding rabid cats). We’ve watched countless small business owners get buried under the weight of payroll, benefits and compliance. That’s why we started High Road PEO. 

This whole thing began with a conversation. There were four of us, sitting around the table at our favorite Mexican restaurant, talking about the best way to support companies that wanted to be world-class, but didn’t quite have all the resources they needed...just yet.

One of us (we call him the smart one) said, “We can best support these companies by starting a PEO.” And we responded like most people respond, “What’s a PEO?”

Since then, we’ve pulled in some of the best people in the industry onto our team. We've invested in cutting edge software and technology. We continually fine tune our processes so that we can make it easier for employers to take exceptional care of their people (our co-employees!). We set up shop in Nampa, Idaho because, well, we love Nampa, Idaho.

One of the best parts of being a newer PEO is how responsive and nimble we are. We know how to manage a hybrid work environment because we operate as one. We find solutions quickly. We laugh a lot.  We love giving employers more time, more options and better benefits for their employees. We’re building something special with a team of special people.  

We chose the name High Road because it's an image of integrity, honesty and selflessness. The person who "takes the high road" is a class act, even during difficult times. It's about being the kind of people you want to work with; the kind who add value to your business. We also like the name High Road because HR is at the center of everything we do. Or as we like to say, HR is our middle name!

Ready to make things easier for you and your company? Let's work together!




By choosing to be positive in every situation, we give ourselves the best chance of staying engaged, relating to our co-employees and finding a way forward.


The first step in being resourceful is taking the responsibility to solve a problem. We own the situation and move toward a resolution quickly.


We believe clarity is the best path toward understanding. We find ways to make things simpler, and if possible, easier.


The ability to work well together is at the heart of our business model. When we collaborate effectively, our co-employees are the winners.